Every company is unique. We start each exploration with a simple fact-finding phone call to get an idea as to what you're experiencing and what you want to achieve. Every business is in some sort of pain - what's yours? Are you raising money, struggling with production, short on sales, or having trouble with cash flow? 


Once we mutually decide to continue exploring some solutions, we set up an in-person meeting (typically an hour). Prior to this meeting, I'll send a brief list of questions and possibly request some data to be pulled so that we can make the most of our time together.


If we still like each other and you want to further explore ways to improve your business, I'll perform a 360 degree organizational audit. Think of this as a full diagnostic analysis where I check every function in the business from top-to-bottom and side-to-side. You'll receive a complete status report and scorecard on how healthy your business is, where you are excelling, where you are failing, and where you're at risk. This is the single most valuable activity any business owner can perform - you'll have your new blueprint in hand!


With your 360 degree audit in hand, you'll have a clear understanding of what issues are of the highest priority.  This will allow you to look at your resources differently and to prioritize effectively. From that point, we can discuss if and how we work together on any projects that cannot be executed with your current organizational structure.  

I'm extremely sensitive to the many challenges of fashion entrepreneurs/owners and do my best to offer flexible and customized ways to work together. Each client arrangement is purposefully designed on a case-by-case basis... so, let's get Step 1 out of the way and take it from there!