Sales are the fuel your business needs to survive and thrive. It generates the cash that is needed to run the business.  But retail is shifting dramatically, what are you changing in your business to keep up?


production OPERATIONS

This is where the rubber meets the road. Making product right, at the right cost, shipping it on time, and within compliance is where the happiest customers help the best companies win. Is this you?



It's the life blood of your business. Some owners worry about making payroll and paying bills, others are free to focus on investing in new opportunities. Do you fully understand how cash flow works in your business and which kind of owner you get to be?


general operations

There are two halves to the whole of the business: creative & logical. Are you a creative overwhelmed with running the business? Or are you a logical business in need of creative leadership?


DEsign & development

Designers need space, time and resources to be creative, but a business needs discipline to function. Is your product offering right for the market you’re targeting?



The future of retail is uncertain at best.  How people shop is changing and it’s just not the same game anymore. Do you know where your business is most at risk today and into the future?